You’ve worked as a salary earner for some years now. Are you looking at only physical assets? Companies also issue bonds to raise capital. One of the most obvious examples of an asset that you can invest in is a savings account. 17 Wealth-Building Strategies to Implement Today, Is Qualcomm’s Dividend Safe? YLD assets are allocated across various income-producing asset classes to optimize portfolio stability, efficient growth, and income with a defensive quality bias. Interest on money borrowed and employed in producing taxable income is a deductible expense. Dividend – paying stocks are a great business idea for graduates who … Third, on our list of Top 10 Managers of the Best mutual funds in Nigeria 2019 is The UBA mutual fund is an open-ended fund. Therefore, you can defer or avoid paying taxes on your earnings from … So, please feel free to share this with friends or family. 7 Asset Pickup within 24 hours of submission of completed documentation. IV - Income generating activities (IGAs) The main thrust of the women's development activities would be to assist women in the sustainable establishment of income generating activities to be undertaken in or near the home. They can provide a steady … If you know a community well and know how to maintain them, rental properties can be a great asset to own. In fact, they’re considered risk free. Private Equity Investing. National acts within Nigeria can outline the obligations of companies operating in the country (i.e., obligatory payments to the Niger Delta Development Corporation). If you lose your job or source of income and cannot find another thing to do any sooner, how far can that your savings take you before your daily needs and upkeep engulf the savings you’ve made and you’re once again enmeshed in lack? However, many market analysts and financial advisors divide assets into the following five categories: 1. 21 Best Income Generating Assets [That Make Money, 2020] Many successful people choose to do this by utilizing income-producing assets, or assets which generate cash flow. 4. Project / Seminar Research Material on "Evaluation Of The Effect Of Non-Current Assets On Return On Assets Of Cement Manufacturing Industry In Nigeria" Con: Takes a lot of upfront work. The types of off-farm income generating or rural non-farm activities vary across geo-political locations and countries. By 2018, Paystack had processed over $20 million in monthly transactions for more than 17,000 businesses in Nigeria. To see the power of compounding returns, you can check out our free investment calculator. They make huge profits from investing it. Real Estate Assets: means developed, operational and income generating properties owned by the REIS, in Nigeria, whether directly or through a REIS SPV. For example, if you buy Microsoft bonds, you won’t be taking on much risk. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced investor, there’s something for everyone. You can now lend to people around the world. And similar to stocks, you can buy pieces of the business. Earning assets include stocks, bonds, income from rental property, certificates of deposit (CDs) and other interest or dividend earning accounts or instruments. How to Turn Your Savings into an Income Generating Asset Using a Simple System -By Sylvester Oti. Con: Lower returns on safe bonds. Depending on the quality of your book, you can find other publishers to work with. But don't let the word "passive" mislead you, because there is usually a lot of upfront work involved. According to analysis by Quantitative Financial Analytics, Nigeria’s pension assets grew by 22% and 14% in 2017 and 2018 respectively, and have so far grown by 13.59% in 2019.. Asset allocation. Con: Requires enormous amounts of time and risk. But in the digital age of today, our understanding of income-generating assets needs to evolve to include digital assets that were unheard of only 30 years ago. Income generation can help to overcome food insecurity when economic factors are a fundamental cause of food insecurity and when food is available in local markets but lack of money is the main difficulty faced by the vulnerable population. multiple income generating activities is peculiar to rural farming communities in Africa. Then you are at the right place to get full information about the current PDP vice-presidential position candidate for the last general election in Nigeria… You’ll pay some fees for the management, but it’s a passive investment. Con: Volatile in the short term. If you don’t want the headache of managing properties, you might consider REITs. Some government bonds might barely beat inflation. Con: Higher barriers to entry and more hands-on to maintain. Income producing assets definition: Simply put, these are assets that help put your money to work and generate more passive income for you. Tax Issues in Nigeria’s Electricity Industry. But you need to ask yourself this salient question. The majority of people in the Nigerian agriculture industry mainly produce and process cash crops such as cocoa, peanuts, cotton, palm oil, corn, rice, sorghum, millet, cassava, yams, rubber, and more.